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Kimberley George

About Kimberley George

My exciting journey in the Australian Health and Fitness industry began after the birth of my second daughter. Sitting at around 93kg, I faced the challenge of losing over 30kg to return to my pre-baby weight, I also had an urgent need to gain strength back in my core and my pelvic floor. At first it seemed like a daunting road ahead, one that was long and unattainable. In the first six months I struggled to find the right support due to limited post-natal specialists and motivational women’s fitness groups. I longed for a program or a trainer that understood my needs and acknowledged my limitations.

I found my motivation was short lived as I lacked the basic education on healthy eating principles and safe and effective post-natal exercise. Determined not to give up and accept my extra weight gain as my new norm, I empowered myself, took control of my health and sought education in every form. This ranged from formal training as a qualified Master Trainer with the Australian Institute of Fitness to further education as a pre and post-natal specialist. I also aligned myself with various industry experts that specialised in nutrition, women’s health and advanced strength training. After two years I achieved my goal, I developed strong foundations and healthy daily habits which changed my life forever. My own health was a priority for the first time and this in turn made me a better mother, friend, partner and mentor.

In Sydney in 2011 I established my first business, Fit Mums Club, immediately after I had achieved success in my own lifestyle transformation. I positioned myself as a pre and post-natal specialist, trying to assist mums of all ages gain back their health and general fitness. The development of a highly successful group fitness program during this time showed me that there was a desperate need in the industry for specialised support. Over the past five years I have coached hundreds of women with a goal to teach them how to lead a happy, healthy, well-balanced lifestyle, one that worked alongside of work and family commitments. The key to my approach is to develop individual strategies that support their busy schedule. I aim to empower and educate women, help them take control of their own success which in turn leads to lifelong change.

I have a strong focus on women’s health issues and I have surrounded myself with experts in all fields, which has supported my teachings over the years. I also believe mindset and personal development play an important role in any lifestyle transformation and it has become an essential part of my approach. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body! In 2013 I helped co-develop a leading rehabilitation platform called PracTx, which is used by Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors around the world. PracTx is an online exercise prescription tool that is used by practitioners to treat their patients. It has revolutionised patient treatment and is something I was very proud to be a part of.

I am currently the acting Business Advisor of the Sunshine Coast Health Institute and honoured to be a Brand Ambassador and Sponsored Athlete for Bulk Nutrients, an amazing Australian owned supplement company that offers some of the highest quality products on the market. In 2016 I completed my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with The Australian Institute of Business with a major in Entrepreneurial Management and I have almost completed a Bachelor of Health Science with Deakin University majoring in Health Promotion, Health Psychology and Nutrition.