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12 Week Lifestyle Transformation

Kimberley George’s

Lifestyle Transformation eBook

From Kimberley George, Founder

“Women are looking for a lifestyle, one that works with a busy schedule and raising a family. After years of coaching and mentoring so many amazing clients, I have developed a program, along with various health experts, that assists women in finding life balance. The purpose of this program is to educate and develop habits that will form the foundations for lifelong change.”

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Kimberley George

Kimberley George

What’s Included in the 12 Week Transformation eBook?

  • An extensive guide which outlines how to implement simple and easy strategies to help achieve long lasting change.
  • Clear and concise templates to guide you through your own lifestyle transformation.
  • Reporting tools to help track your progress every week. Set your own personal goals and track your results. Empower yourself and be in control of your own success!
  • 12 Weeks of progressive training programs that can be done at home, in the outdoors or at the gym.
  • Delicious meal options and menu planner suitable for the whole family, designed alongside a leading nutritionist.
  • Comprehensive and beautifully presented resource manuals covering over 24 topics and spanning more than 100 pages. Designed to educate and empower women to take control of their own health and fitness
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12 Week Transformation eBook

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